Professional quality parchment available in 60 lb. white and gold for the discerning calligraphist. Recommended for diplomas, scrolls, greeting cards, certificates and lettering in ink, pencil and water color.

  • 60 lb.

Brand: Seth Cole
Estimated Delivery Time: 3 - 7 Business Days
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Seth Cole #68 Calligraphy Parchment Pads
Overall Customer Rating of 1 Reviews:

Printed really well!

  • Look great
  • Lovely texture
  • A tad too thin
I bought these to use in my printer for my wedding invitations and save the dates. They printed beautifully and I couldn’t be happier!

Item # Name List Price Our Price Buy Now!
9FO09000 #68W - 6"x8" White Calligraphy Parchment $5.50 $5.40
9FO09010 #68W - 8.5"x11" White Calligraphy Parchment $7.40 $6.50
9FO09020 #68W - 11"x14" White Calligraphy Parchment $11.20 $8.90
9FO10200 #68G - 6"x8" Gold Calligraphy Parchment $5.50 $5.40
9FO10210 #68G - 8.5"x11" Gold Calligraphy Parchment $7.40 $6.50
9FO10220 #68G - 11"x14" Gold Calligraphy Parchment $11.20 $8.90
9FO11020 #68 - 8.5"x11" Calligraphy Parchment - 20 Sheets of Each Color $10.20 $8.20