Clearprint 9020 20# Inkjet Vellum

Color Media For The Next Generation. Clearprint's reputation as a provider of quality media to the architectural and engineering community is known throughout the world. Our vellum & design media have set the industry standard for sixty-six years. Clearprint 2000 brings the same high level of quality and product performance to the wide format color inkjet market. Clearprint 2000 is a comprehensive line of color inkjet materials designed to satisfy the most discriminating color professional.

Our premium 20-pound vellum is made from 100% new cotton fiber. The additional weight of this paper gives it additional durability. The archival qualities of 100% cotton fiber make our vellum extremely resistant to aging. 9020 is transparentized using Clearprint's solvent free process. Images render superior ink line density for maximum reprint speed.

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