Mayline E-Z Grip Mobile Straightedges

Even in today’s world of electronics, many drafting and design professionals are still using parallel straightedges to draw a line that is straight. Parallel Straightedges can be used with drafting triangles to create perpendicular lines. Parallel Bars help with detailed drawings but can also be used for quick sketches before reproducing your ideas electronically. The E-Z Grip cap provides simple, fingertip movement of straightedge.

Mayline straightedge parallel bars incorporate metal or Delrin rollers which alternate the full length of the straightedge parallel bar and allow the straightedge to ride smoothly over the surface of the drawing.

  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Easy-to-grip finger lift
  • Delrin rollers best for sheets or metal rollers for vellum and other paper medium.
  • All above board mounting hardware included
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