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Copic markers are fast drying, double-ended markers available in 334 colors. They are refillable permanent, non-toxic, and the alcohol based ink dries fast and acid-free. Their outstanding performance and versatility have made Copic Markers the choice of professional designers worldwide. In many professional arenas it is already considered the Best Marker for Professional Results.

Features Sketch Original Wide Ciao
Double-Ended X X   X
Refillable X X X X
Replacement Nibs X X X X
Optional Nibs X X X X
Airbrush Compatible X X    
Empty Markers X X X  
Broad Nib   X    
Fine Nib   X    
Super Brush Nib X     X
Medium Broad Nib X     X
21mm Broad Nib     X  
Dries Acid Free X X X X
Colors Available 334 214 36 144

More Information on Copic Markers:

Copic Markers have a slightly higher price than other popular markers.  However, due to their superior quality and flexibility of use, these objections are easily justified, as you become a loyal Copic user.

  • Permanent Ink
  • Refillable
  • Replaceable nibs
  • Alcohol-based ink
  • No unpleasant smell
  • Dries Acid- free
  • Guaranteed color matching
  • Non toxic
  • 334 Colors
  • Will not dry out when capped (3 year guarantee)
  • Brilliant Colors
  • Excellent color blending
  • Superior quality ink
  • Suitable for a wide variety of surfaces and non-traditional applications
  • The markers have a guaranteed color consistency.
  • All professional color markers use dye, which will not hold up to UV light, and are not intended for outdoor use.
  • A Copic marker should never be thrown away. If it is left uncapped and dries out, replace the nib and refill the marker, but first recap the maker, as it will re-wick if there is any ink left in the cylinder.

Original Copic Markers

Copic Markers are the original line of high quality illustrating tools, used for decades by professionals around the world.

  • In Europe and Asia, the Original Copic Maker is the best seller.
  • This unit is square in shape and has a chisel tip on one end and a bullet tip on the other, which are a marker’s more historic tip shapes, making them an exceptional choice for technical design.
  • Copic Original Markers are available in 214 colors.
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Copic Sketch Markers

The Copic Sketch Markers are the most popular in the Copic line. They are perfect for professional illustration, papercrafting, fashion design, fine art, Manga, and craft projects.

  • The best-selling marker style in the United States.
  • The Copic Sketch Marker is oval in shape and has a chisel tip on one end and a brush tip on the other end.
  • The brush tip allows more freedom of expression as it is used like a paintbrush.
  • It is “the” Anime/Manga marker and is very popular with illustrators, animators, landscape architects, fashion designers, general artists, portrait artists, manufacturers, crafters, quilters, scrapbookers, stampers, etc.
  • Copic Sketch Markers are available in 334 colors.
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Copic Ciao Markers

The Copic Caio Markers are a great introduction to the Copic line.

  • The Ciao Marker is the economical choice for the beginner.
  • The Copic Ciao Marker is a mini version of the Sketch.
  • With its lower cost, it is designed to help the beginning user get started with Copic.
  • It has the same chisel tip and brush tip as the Sketch, but cannot be used with the airbrush system.
  • The Copic Caio has a limited color selection of 144 colors.
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Copic Wide Markers

The Copic Wide Markers are the premier choice for coloring large areas with a consistent stroke.

  • They are excellent for backgrounds, calligraphy, architecture design, and general art use.
  • The Copic Wide Marker is being used for posters and signs, and is popular with calligraphers for large designs.
  • The clever crafters have started cutting slots and groves into the nib to make interesting lines and shapes.
  • Simple to refill They also drip different ink colors onto the nib to make multicolor lines and blends.
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Copic Multiliners Pens

  • Multiliners are pigmented markers available in black and in colors, commonly used for outlining and artwork.
  • They are superior to any pigmented marker on the market.
  • When an artist tries a Multiliner, they are usually hooked.
  • Multiliner ink will not smear when colored over with Copic inks.
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Copic Refill Ink

  • Copic Refill Ink is a permanent, non-toxic alcohol-based dye, which is practically odor-free (a big factor in schools).
  • The ink retails for about $1.00 more than the standard marker, however, it will refill that marker an average of 10 to 12 times.
  • Color match is guaranteed and Copic does not discontinue colors.
  • In addition, the Various Ink is used straight from the bottle by many artists as a traditional alcohol ink.
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