24" x 36" Portable Drafting Board with Mayline Straightedge
Model: MXBKD36
    Retail: $421.00
    Price: $264.95
    You Save: $156.05 (37.1%)

    • 24" x 36" Portable Drafting/Drawing Board
    • For use with paper sizes up to 22" x 34"
    • Solid-core, satin-finish, white, melamine laminated drafting board
    • Top-Mounted Standard Mayline Professional Parallel Bar (Straightedge) with Delrin rollers
    • Foldaway back legs with rubber feet are unbreakable and enable use in either the flat or angled position.
    • Convenient foldaway comfort handle for easy transportation.
    • Rubber gripping tractor feet under the board to position over the edge of table for close-up and convenient working angles
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    Orange County, CA


    This one one of the best purchases I have made in a very long time! I am a design student and most of my work requires a drafting table. I had a full size Alvin table with Mayline parallel bar but chose to put it in storage because it took over my entire home office. I figured that I could get by with a portable one so I bought the largest Alvin w/attached parallel bar ... HUGE MISTAKE! That was the worst thing I have ever attempted to draft on and it was making all my assignments 100x more difficult and time consuming. I reached my breaking point last week after 10+ hours of work was unsuccessful because I did not have a parallel bar that was anywhere near parallel. I was searching for a solution and found this life-saving drafting table. I ordered it immediately.

    Upon opening the box I knew my problems would be over. The Mayline board feels substantial and professional - exactly opposite from the trash I was working with before. This board feels like the full sized professional tables I draft on at school. I am producing quality work efficiently! This allows me to have a beautiful office that is not centered around a drafting table, but when I need to work I am able to without any sacrifice. CANNOT SAY ENOUGH GOOD THINGS! THANK YOU!

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