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E00-V (DISC) Skin White $7.75
G40-V (DISC) Dim Green $7.75
YR14-V (DISC) Caramel $7.75

Brand: Copic
Estimated Delivery Time: 4 - 8 Weeks
Copic Refill Ink

Available in 322 colors, they extend the life of the marker. Each bottle contains 25ccs of ink and will refill markers as follows: Ciao 13 times, Sketch 8-10 times, Copic 7-9 times, or Wide 5-6 times. Refills have permanent, consistent color, and clean up with rubbing alcohol. Measures are marked on bottles which have an angled tip for easy application. Empty bottles and Copic, Sketch, and Wide markers are available for mixing and personalizing colors to create custom markers. Bottle is also recyclable. Bottle is also recyclable.

  • Understand the Copic Color System
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    Standard Delivery Time: 4 - 8 Weeks

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