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    Model Number: 26321621511
    Brand: Clearprint
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    Clearprint 11" x 17 " Fade-Out Design Vellum with 4x4 Grid - 50 Sheet Pad

    Model Number: 26321621511

    A 100% cotton vellum sheet that is made transparent without the use of solvents.

    A Fade-Out grid refers to our printing process on Clearprint Vellum. Grid sizes are measured by number of boxes per inch.

    • 11" x 17" Sheet Size
    • 16 lb. (60gsm) 1000H Art Vellum
    • Smooth, transparent, and uniform surface
    • Pencil and pen lines come out sharp and clean with no feathering edges and no ghosting
    • Retains strength, stability, transparency, and printing qualities under exposure to heat, light, and atmosphere
    • It will not become yellow, brittle, or opaque with age
    • Compatible with a wide range of fine art media.
    • 50-Sheet Pad
    • Acid Free
    Fade-Out Grid:
    • 4x4 Grid - 4 Squares per inch
    • All Fade-Out grids are printed in non-repro blue, which will not reproduce when used with traditional graphic arts cameras.
    • For scanners, this grid pattern will be picked up, however, by editing an image in grayscale, adjusting the brightness and contrast will eliminate these grids.
    • These grids may also be eliminated in computer editing software, like Adobe Photoshop, by removing images from the blue channel in RGB mode.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions: 11" x 17 "
    • Product Weight: 1.46 lbs.
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    Clearprint 11" x 17 " Fade-Out Design Vellum with 4x4 Grid - 50 Sheet Pad