Simply put, we love making furniture for kids. We believe there has never been a more exciting time in the history of designing and manufacturing furniture for schools. Our society and culture are changing rapidly and the manner in which our children are learning and engaging in classrooms is following suit. CEF has been designing school furniture for over 30 years.

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The "Ed" Double
Price: $5,878.70-$6,033.95
Retail: $7,524.00
Item #: EDL-36 - See more from

    The Ed Double captures many of the same features as the Original Ed Table with the exception of the trash component being removed and extra storage being added. Upgraded features include 16 storage bins with lids and integrated electrical now...

    The IDEA Island
    Price: $3,116.50-$4,841.80
    Retail: $3,580.00
    Item #: ID34-BAS - See more from

      The IDEA Island by CEF has joined the family of our award winning Ed Table line. The creation of the IDEA Island was inspired by the many makers in school systems, public libraries and museums across the nation that are dedicated to inspiring...

      Imagination Island
      Price: $1,491.25-$1,812.50
      Retail: $1,986.00
      Item #: IMI-BASE-26-2P / CH-BB-3050 - See more from

        The little cousin of the IDEA Island, but with a twist. CEF has partnered with Armorcore, a bullet resistant panel manufacturer, to offer optional modesty panels that will aid in protecting against an active shooter. These modesty panels are...

        HATT Height-Adjustable Collaboration Tilt Table
        Retail: $2,182.00
        Item #: HATT3648-M - See more from

          The "HATT"-Height Adjustable Tilt Table is a proprietary design by CEF and is a game-changer in the classroom, boardroom, locker room, makerspace, office, and more! The versatility and smooth transition from sitting to standing, to tilting, engages...

          Brainstorm Workbench
          Price: $1,260.00-$1,900.00
          Retail: $1,576.00
          Item #: BRS26-2460 - See more from

            The Brainstorm Workbench is an awesome addition to a classroom, makerspace, or any collaborative space where ideas flow! Our ever-popular butcher block top is mounted atop a four-post rectangular steel frame with corner gussets for added stability...

            The "Ed8" Work Table
            Price: $6,091.90-$6,247.15
            Retail: $7,988.00
            Item #: ED8-36 - See more from

              The number eight signifies a new creation and CEF believes in the creation of new & innovative products! We’re excited to announce a new member to the award winning Ed Table line, the Ed8. The Ed8 is a modified version of our original Ed Table...

              Quad Pod Workstation
              Price: $3,689.00
              Retail: $5,100.00
              Item #: QP-34 - See more from

                Build your own table! Mix & match the pods, or have all four pods identical-your choice. (Only one trash pod per table please!) The Quad Pod by CEF is a revolutionary concept in educational furniture design! This design concept allows you to...

                Dry Erase Tilt Table
                Price: $946.00-$1,131.00
                Retail: $1,154.00
                Item #: TILT-2460-WHM - See more from

                  Show and tell will never be the same with our dry erase tilt table! By giving students the freedom to write, draw or solve problems on a dry erase surface, it cultivates creativity and encourages students to become more confident in their work. The...

                  The "Ed" Student Table
                  Price: $5,415.65-$5,750.75
                  Retail: $6,838.00
                  Item #: ED-36 - See more from

                    With breakthrough solutions packed into every inch, the "Ed" Table truly embodies the inventor's spirit—providing the most complete maker experience available. Maximizing creative time while minimizing the amount of logistical preparation work and...