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Lyre Easel with Inclinable Working Plane
Retail: $229.99
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    This stylish Italian lyre easel is the perfect complement to any studio. Made from oiled stain-resistant seasoned beechwood this easy-to-assemble easel is ideal for painting pastels or displaying your artwork.

    Lyre Easel
    Price: $165.80
    Retail: $229.99
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      This Lyre/A-Frame easel has a small footprint of just 23" × 27" and is a versatile solution for smaller studios or tighter workspaces.

      Medium Studio Easel
      Retail: $368.00
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        A very sturdy medium-sized studio easel. This stable studio easel was specifically designed to enable painting even in small spaces.

        H-Frame Tabletop Easel
        Retail: $84.99
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          A sturdy tabletop easel that can be folded in one easy move to flatten out completely.

          Large H-Frame Tabletop Easel
          Retail: $172.99
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            This giant tabletop easel is convenient for space-conscious users. This lightweight 8.38lb portable easel to keep it squarely in place while you paint or create.

            Folding Display Easel
            Retail: $106.99
            Item #: CCE155 - See more from

              Popular for both indoor and outdoor display, this wood display easel is beautifully crafted of oiled stain-resistant seasoned beechwood.

              Studio Easel with Utility Shelf
              Retail: $319.50
              Item #: CCS100 - See more from

                This H-Frame easel is ideal for schools and universities because it allows students to fit comfortably in smaller spaces.

                Modern Folding Display Easel
                Retail: $194.50
                Item #: CES10 - See more from

                  Ideal for studio and gallery use, this heavyweight modern display easel can hold canvases up to 72".

                  H-Frame Adjustable Tabletop Easel
                  Retail: $89.99
                  Item #: CCT5 - See more from

                    H-Frame Tabletop Easel.

                    Mini H-Frame Tabletop Easel
                    Retail: $30.50
                    Item #: CMS14 - See more from

                      Small yet sturdy, this miniature H-frame easel can hold canvases up to 12".

                      Folding Tabletop Easel
                      Retail: $44.99
                      Item #: CCT4 - See more from

                        A lightweight foldable tabletop easel.

                        Lyre Tabletop Easel
                        Retail: $41.45
                        Item #: CCT8 - See more from

                          Cappelletto's lyre tabletop easel is made of oiled stain-resistant beechwood.

                          Mini Tabletop Display Easel
                          Retail: $24.00
                          Item #: CML15 - See more from

                            A simple high quality miniature display easel that is perfect for displaying smaller pieces of art.