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4" Plastic Pocket Caliper
Retail: $9.65
Item #: G141ME - See more from

    The #141ME 4 In. Plastic Slide Caliper can measure the inside and outside dimensions of rods, plates and tubing.

    Metric and English Vernier Caliper
    Retail: $22.09
    Item #: V722 - See more from

      The #722 Vernier Caliper can make inside, outside, depth and step measurements in inches or millimeters.

      6" Digital Fractional Caliper
      Retail: $68.15
      Item #: G147 - See more from

        The #147 6 In. Steel Digital Caliper has an extra-large, easy-to-read tri-mode digital display and switches quickly and easily between decimal inches, fractional inches and millimeters at the touch of a button.

        6" Vocational Stainless Steel Ruler
        Retail: $6.55
        Item #: 1506 - See more from

          A popular standard with quick-reading 32nds and 64ths on front and handy fraction/decimal equivalents on back.

          3-3/8" Round Head Steel Protractor with Arm
          Retail: $24.20
          Item #: G18 - See more from

            For setting bevels, measuring, and transferring angles.

            6" Dial Caliper
            Retail: $63.95
            Item #: G107 - See more from

              The #107 6 In. Dial Caliper can make inside, outside, depth and step measurements.