At Fairgate Rule, we take pride in the quality, precision, and dependability of each product in our extensive line, from our best-selling L-squares, T-Squares, templates, curves, rules and scales. We start with top-grade materials such as heavy-gauge, tempered aluminum alloy; stainless steel; and tough, crystal-clear acrylic. These are milled and/or cut to our exacting specifications. Then our skilled craftspeople employ precision handwork to ensure measurements are accurately applied to each instrument. When you select Fairgate tools, you are assured of quality materials and workmanship.
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12" Vary form Curve
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    12" Aluminum English Vary Form Curve.Draws a wide range of curves by simply turning.Practically replaces a set of French curves. Indispensible to the pattern maker and grapic artist.Calibrated one edge two sides.8ths

    30cm Solid Aluminum Metric Triangular Scale
    Retail: $17.40
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      Rugged, professional-quality scales are made from anodized aluminum with a solid core.