Mayline Drafting Furniture Update

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In our last blog we discussed the permanent and temporary discontinuation of some of the Mayline Flat Files as the new owners change manufacturing locations.

Below is an updated list of more Mayline products that are now discontinued as well as a list of alternate products.

Please see our other informational blog relating to the Discontinuation of Mayline Flat Files and the Replacement Options: Mayline / Safco Flat File Chart

Mayline Drafting Furniture Replacement Chart

Mayline Discontinued Product Replacement Options
Mayline Economy Rangers --> Mayline Ranger Drafting Tables
Safco Precision Drafting Tables
Alvin DesignMaster Drafting Tables
Mayline Hanging Clamps --> Safco Hanging Clamps
Alvin Hanging Clamps
Ranger Light Table --> AlvaTrace Light Table
Wood 4-Post Drafting Tables --> Diversified Woodcraft Wood Tables
8-Drawer Pedestal File --> N/A
Mayline ProKits --> Portable Drafting Boards
Mayline 9329H Mobile Stand --> Safco 5026 Pivot Rolling Stand
Alvin Mobile Pivot Rack
Mayline 9309H Pivot Wall Rack --> Safco 5016 Pivot Wall Rack
Alvin Pivot Wall Rack
Mayline 9429 Rolling Stand --> Safco 5059 Mobile Vertical File
Alvin Mobile Vertical File
Safco 5060 Mobile Plan Center
Mayline 9319 Drop/Lift Wall Rack --> Safco 5030 Drop/Lift Wall Rack
Alvin Drop/Lift Wall Rack
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