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Human Figure - Geriatric Template Drafting Supplies, Drafting Templates and Drawing Templates, Human Figure Templates
Retail: $12.99
Was: $9.70
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    This geriatric human figure template includes 12 cutouts representing four common positions. Scales of 1:50, 1:25, and 1:20. Size: 8 ¼" x 5¾" x .030". Pencil allowance on all openings for 0.5mm pencil lead. Non-glare, odor free, flexible,...

    31" x 42" Galaxy Drafting Table
    Retail: $389.00
    Item #: GAL42-3 - See more from

      The Alvin Galaxy Drafting/Drawing Table has a sturdy 4-post base design.

      6" Universal Speed-Bow Compass
      Retail: $28.50
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        Prices good while supplies last!

      Same quality construction as 700S plus a double break leg design and equipped with a universal attachment to hold technical pens, lead holders, ballpoint pens, cutting knives, and fine line markers. Includes screwdriver and parts for tension...

      Aluminum Proportional Designer L-Square
      Retail: $18.50
      Was: $17.90
      Item #: AL911 - See more from

        Proportional scale for both reductions and enlargements up to 32"

        Basic Bow Combination Compass Set
        Retail: $66.50
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          Prices good while supplies last!

        Features: 6" compass with interchangeable pen, pencil and divider parts4-1/2" compass with interchangeable pen, pencil and divider parts6" beam bar extension and slide coupling6" friction divider with self centering gear head design and replaceable...

        Linen Tester - .5" x .5" - 8X Magnifier Drafting Supplies, Office Supplies, Linen Testers
        Retail: $23.25
        Was: $16.70
        Item #: S385 - See more from

          Dull black anodized finish brass folding linen tester. Inside edge of base white filled. Graduations 1/8" apart. Includes case.

          Premium Canvas Pliers
          Retail: $36.25
          Was: $23.60
          Item #: CP242 - See more from
            Prices good while supplies last!

          Alvin has been the professional's choice for drafting tools and drawing supplies for over half a century. Since 1950, we have brought quality and value to our customers. Our tools help bridge the gap between ideas and innovations. We are known for...

          Transparent French Curves
          Retail: $6.25
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            Professional quality, hand-finished curves of 0.060" thick transparent acrylic. Sizes given are nominal.

            Value Brush Set - Watercolor
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            Was: $4.50
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              Prices good while supplies last!

            This watercolor value brush set contains 5 pieces: bristle flats 6, 12 and squirrel rounds 8, 12, 18

            "Precision Swiss" Dial Caliper Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Calipers and Micrometers
            Retail: $55.50
            Was: $47.90
            Item #: 80D - See more from

              Features non-magnetic high-impact lumalcore construction. Features large easy-to-read 1½" diameter dial with .01" and 1/64" scales. Range: 6". (Manufacturers No. G-142).

              2mm Drawing Leads - Gross Pack
              Retail: $63.00
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                Top-grade imported 2mm refill drawing leads, superior in both quality and strength. Features: Uniform in texture and time-tested under rigid standards. Can be used with any standard lead holder. Gross Pack of 144 leads Perfect for classes ...

                3" General Purpose Magnifier 2.5x/6x  Drafting Supplies, Office Supplies, Magnifiers
                Retail: $12.75
                Was: $10.50
                Item #: SV3P - See more from

                  High power optical quality magnifiers. Lightweight easy grip molded one-piece frame. Scratch resistant and unbreakable. Bifocal lens for stronger magnification and greater detail. Blister-carded.

                  5.5" School Pencil Compass
                  Retail: $2.65
                  Item #: 708EA - See more from
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                    Prices good while supplies last!

                  Compass is constructed of durable, lightweight plastic with fiberglass reinforcement to resist bending. Quick release pencil holder holds all standard pencil sizes. Hand adjustable 6" measuring arc has easy-to-read ½" graduations. Blunt safety...

                  Bone Scorer
                  Price: $9.95
                  Retail: $11.30
                  Item #: 870-905B - See more from

                    Genuine cattle bone, an ideal choice for creating crisp, clean scores on paper without damaging delicate fibers or creating shine.Length: 4-7/8"

                    Squares Template
                    Retail: $12.10
                    Item #: TD130 - See more from

                      Template of squares from 1/16" to 1-3/8"

                      10-Piece Mathematical Instrument Set
                      Retail: $8.13
                      Item #: MS10 - See more from

                        This Mathematical Instrument Set includes:Metal pencil compassAlphabet stencil45° triangle30°/60° triangleVinyl eraser Metal divider Pencil6"/15cm ruler180° protractorSharpenerPackaged in attractive metal case with printed conversion charts inside...

                        30cm Aluminum Metric Architect Triangular Scale
                        Retail: $24.50
                        Item #: 2200M-5 - See more from

                          High-quality 30cm metric architects scale with the following graduations: 1:100, 1:200, 1:250, 1:300, 1:400, 1:500.

                          30cm Mechanical Draftsmen Scale Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Triangular Scales, Mechanical Drafting Triangular Scales
                          Retail: $12.00
                          Was: $7.40
                          Item #: 748PM - See more from

                            Professional-quality metric scales made from high-impact plastic with white, non-reflecting, matte faces and tapered edges. Hot-stamped graduations and color-coded furrows.

                            Compact Drawing Compass Set
                            Retail: $18.40
                            Was: $12.10
                            Item #: 415 - See more from
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                            Comes with a 6 in. quick adjusting compass. The compass easily draws as small as 0.125 in. up to a 10 in. circle. Also included is a 5 in. divider. Both compass and divider are made from strong zinc with a powder-coated dark gray matte finish. The...

                            Snap Blade Cutter
                            Retail: $4.38
                            Was: $3.30
                            Item #: SN112 - See more from

                              This fully retractable cutter is constructed of aluminum and uses standard small, 13 pt. blades (SNR80). Locking mechanism allows blade to be locked at any length. Blister-carded.

                              Value Brush Set - Gesso/Basecoat
                              Retail: $10.90
                              Was: $8.90
                              Item #: ABP106 - See more from
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                              This Gesso/Baseboat value brush set contains 3 pieces golden taklon: flats 1", 2", 3"

                              24" x 36" Pavillion Art and Drawing Table Drafting Furniture, Drafting Tables and Drawing Boards, Wooden Drafting Tables, Alvin Pavillon Art and Drawing Table, drawing table
                              Retail: $305.00
                              Item #: AP2436 - See more from

                                Perfect table for aspiring artists crafters or hobbyists. Despite its light and attractive appearance this table is surprisingly strong stable and sturdy. | Board angle adjusts from horizontal (0°) to 60° | Height adjusts 31" to 40" firmly secured...

                                30cm Aluminum Metric Architect Triangular Scale
                                Retail: $24.50
                                Was: $16.10
                                Item #: 2200M-6 - See more from

                                  High-quality anodized aluminum scales have a large profile, solid core, and tapered edges. Printed black graduations. Supplied in a hard plastic case.

                                  5.5" Academic Divider Drafting Supplies, Drafting Instruments, Dividers
                                  Retail: $12.95
                                  Item #: 568 - See more from
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                                  Self-centering gearhead design. Replaceable and adjustable needle points. Matte nickel finish resists stains and tarnishing. Supplied in plastic case.

                                  6" Professional Speed-Bow Compass
                                  Retail: $20.50
                                  Item #: 205 - See more from

                                    Made from zinc alloy with a matte chrome finish. Sturdy push button mechanism allows for quick adjustments, while the red spindle can be used for more finite adjustments. Features a double break leg for precise execution of circles up to 12" in...

                                    Onyx - Base Only
                                    Item #: ONXB-3 - See more from

                                      THIS IS FOR THE BASE ONLY1½" diameter tubular steel frame with a powder-coated finishThe four telescoping legs allow the tabletop surface to easily adjust from 29" to 44" in the horizontal position and tilt from horizontal 0° to 45°.Distance...

                                      Tally Counter Drafting Supplies, Ruling and Measuring Tools, Tally Counters
                                      Retail: $13.50
                                      Was: $10.00
                                      Item #: T544 - See more from

                                        Record and count instantly with this precision counter. Easy action lever changes count with slight thumb pressure and a single side knob turn resets counter to zero. Four-digit register records up to 9999. Hand-held.

                                        Value Brush Set - Long Handle Acrylic
                                        Retail: $12.95
                                        Was: $10.60
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                                        This long handle acrylic value brush set contains 10 pieces golden taklon: both flats and rounds in 2, 6, 10, 14, 18