Adjustable Spline
Model: 1033-36
    Retail: $55.30
    Price: $46.80
    You Save: $8.50 (15.4%)

    • Made of incredibly flexible shape-holding butyrate plastic that can be finger-shaped to any curve for extremely accurate drawings
    • One edge is flat to surface for pencil and the other side has a bead for ruling pen
    • Segments that become separated can be pressed together again easily with slight pressure between the thumb and forefinger
    • Saves time searching for specific grid curves
    • Patented, segmented construction assures a smooth non-rippled fair line curve
    • Layered construction provides ample width so your fingers dont get in the way. The friction between the layers hold the curve securly while you draw
    • Return your Acu-Arc adjustable french curve to straight line position when not in use
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