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    Model Number: W10144
    Brand: Coates
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    Coates Willow Charcoal Giant Stick

    Model Number: W10144

    Specially made by the Coate family since 1819. This artist charcoal possesses a velvety smooth stroke and a rich deep black hue. The charcoal is sorted by diameter in its natural shape.

    Please be aware that willow charcoal is a completely natural product made simply from the willow grown on our farm. These sticks are made from willow that have been left to grow for 2/3 years instead of being harvested every year. The size of the charcoal sticks are approximate measurements and one end may differ in size to the other.

    If you look carefully at a stick of willow charcoal you will see the marks where the leaves and side shoots have been removed and also the soft central pith at the core of the stick.


    • A single giant stick of charcoal sold in a triangular shaped box measuring approximately 530mm long (20" to 21" long). 
    • The diameter is 35 - 40mm. 
    • These sticks are meant for larger, abstract work and the sticks are quite robust.

    Product Dimensions:
    • Outside Dimensions:
    • Product Weight: .44 lbs.
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    Coates Willow Charcoal Giant Stick

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